Fuck you might I add

Welcome come back sexy people. It’s time for a long ass story time. Lets get started.

I have a group chat with about 4 friends Paint,Flower,Frog,and Yarn. Now y’all may remember Paint from convincing me to drop Jar. Which is very important. So before this group chat was called Gambling freaks ( from an amine google it) we were called Hype beaches. Which is very important for the story.

Me,Frog,and Flower had started to notice that Paint had started being…bitchy. Now I never use that word ,but it’s very important I do. She would call use stupid,yell at us and tell us to shut up,make fun of us for not knowing how to spell a word,and some how made it all about her.

Now I’m soft. I will kick your ass but I can be soft. Like once Paint yelled at me telling me to shut up and I’m annoying which is funny because all I did was ask a question. Then made fun of me for now knowing how to spell Butler. Bitch…..WHEN THE FUCK WOULD I SPELL BUTLER. LIKE HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU USED THAT WORD IN YOU LIFETIME.

I am very smart I know that,but I have a hard time spelling and paying attention. I am very about it insecure about because Jar used to make fun of me for it all the time for it. So I did start crying because it hurt.

Me ,Frog,Flower had a side chat to talk about it because we saw it happening

( Yarn had there phone taken away so there were not there for this.) We knew that we need a break from Paint just so she knows that what she said did hurt,but we needed yarn opinion on it so we were not planning on doing it like tomorrow when we could talk to Yarn about it.

So I say a pick up line in the chat because we like to do that and hype each other up when we send pictures of our selfs because thats how we are we were the HYPE beaches. Now no one had said anything like after 2 seconds so I say” damn y’all suck not even going to reply.” So I leave as joke! 20 minutes later I call Flower and we play Ragdoll together ( damn I sound 9) then she tells me “ Paint just said that you are immature.” To which I say “ add me back in that damn chat.” Flower sends me a screenshot of what she says and it say “ she is really gonna leave after 2 seconds of not replying how immature.” BITCH!!!

Now I’m soft ,but I’ll kick your ass. So I say “ Paint, if you have something to say to me say it to my face.” She doesn’t say anything,but I didn’t care because me,Flower,and Frog were playing Minecraft and didn’t care what was happening. We hang up. Then like an hour later Paint send this long as paragraph saying how she is uncomfortable with us hyping each other up…..BITCH WE WERE CALLED THE HYPE BEACHES!!! Like we hypes her up she hyped use up…..so…whos the stupid one now.

I don’t say anything because I didn’t care to fight. Frog didn’t say anything either because I don’t know we were not on facetime. Then THIS BITCH CALLED ME IMMATURE AGAIN.

THE LION THE WITCH AND THE AUDACITY OF THIS BITCH. So I reply and say “ call me immature one more time Paint I swear.” Which she ignores. So flower is like trying to get this fixed and I’m ready to fight this hoe.

Then Frog sends a dancing emoji like this one 👯 so I reply with the same emoji. Then I said the dancing emojis so now me,Frog,Flower are dancing over text. Completely not caring . Then I tell Flower to reply back to my 8 ball game because she never did. Then Paint says “ I’m going to add Better Half.” She did not day better half that is the nickname I call that friend. We all say okay. When she adds better half ( MY FRIEND MIGHT I ADD!) and we all say half being nice because we all love better half. Then Better Half says we are ignoring Paints feelings and we are making jokes. Now to this point I’m confused because words are just being said and I don’t get what happening.

I text the side chat saying I don’t understand. Then Flowers send screenshot to the chat showing when Frog was venting about her Ex that Paint changed the subject to her new girlfriend. We were very happy for her but is that something that you wanna show off at this moment.

Which Paint and Better Half ignore. Then I say I’m Confused for like the 6th time. So I started putting this in the chat the blind person falling in the whole. To which paint says I know whats going one then I say “…. BITCH DON”T TELL ME WHAT I KNOW AND DON’T KNOW.”

Then Better half says we will be begging for her to come back. Then they both leave. I text Frog and Flower asking them what the hell just happened. I get a text from paint which I’m gonna add the screen shot because I can.

Now as you can say that I was not only sad but pissed she said that to me.First that is my toxic friendship I was in. You don’t get to comment on that it’s not her story. So…FUCK YOU JAZMINE! I HOPE YOU SEE THIS TO KNOW I AM DOING SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT YOU FUCK YOU. OH and Erin FUCK YOU TO FOR BEING MY TOXIC FRIENDS FUCK YOU.

Now I’m not gonna say my friends name because they have requested for me not to. So I won’t because I’m not an asshole if you are first ;)

Now After that I texted better half which I won’t say the name of because one day I could talk to her again.

But I text her to because she let Jazmine say that to me because they were on facetime so I text her a little asshole note too.

Ahhh did it feel good to get that off my chest. So that’s life me,Jazmine,and better half are no longer friends.

Them and Yarn are though which I don’t care I love Yarn will all my heart if they want to be friends with her go ahead I’m not gonna tell them who to be friends with.

So we learned here today I can be an asshole,don’t be a bitch, oh and Karam is coming for you Jazmine and Erin. I hope you too have a shity life because I’m having a great one without you guys.

and to my friend who stuck to my side and have my heat like Frog,Flower,Yarn,Cerely, avocado, Baby daddy, and boo thang are my world love y’all.

Remember fuck toxic people ;)