What’s up bitches so I have not talked to yall in a while because I am really happy I have amazing people in my life everything seems to be going right. Now I won’t be stop writing but not as much because everything seems to be going right. Love you losers!


Welcome come back sexy people. It’s time for a long ass story time. Lets get started.

I have a group chat with about 4 friends Paint,Flower,Frog,and Yarn. Now y’all may remember Paint from convincing me to drop Jar. Which is very important. So before this group chat was called Gambling freaks ( from an amine google it) we were called Hype beaches. Which is very important for the story.

Me,Frog,and Flower had started to notice that Paint had started being…bitchy. Now I never use that word ,but it’s very important I do. …

All I got to say is…. Sometimes it’s better not to be different. It’s better to stay in the crowd then be the odd one out.

Welcome to 2021


I was watching a tiktoks because I have nothing better to do, it was a video saying you should be lucky if each zodiac does ABCD. My zodiac is a sagittarius. Mine said you should be lucky if they are you best friend, but for me it’s the other way around I’ll just be happy if you stay it’s hard for me to open up.

I’ll just be happy if you stay with me.

You ever think about how much power you have? The control you have over what might happen. If you think about it I control if I delete the words I write or am I going to hit the Publish button and let the whole world know that my brain is a little more fuck up than others.

Most of the time I hit the button because what the fun in keeping you mind to yourself.

It all about what you think. How you feel. How you treat . Yeah,what bullshit. At this point you know so much saying who I am is a little much. I never understood words that bring you back to your “ Old Life” until I got older and understood that life sucks.

When you get older its about how you look and if you think normal. Which is funny because do they really know how you think. At this point do you really know how I am. Who knows I could be keeping it all in. The answer is yes…

Hey losers! ( Nah I’m just joking y’all are dope.) You know I realized something. That I share more feelings here then I do to the people in my life. Who’s cares I would rather share what I feel to a bunch of strangers that have no idea of who I am than people who know me.

Do y’all know that trend where its like who is your red or green or some color. Well…. instead of sharing it in a tiktok why not write it out. Because I am way better at writing my feelings than speaking. It’s like…

Just to tell y’all something I learned. Sometimes it’s forever ,but most of the time it’s never again.


As you all know I got out of a toxic friend ship and it’s 2021. Happy New Years…..okay anyways I was on tiktok scrolling I see thing about 2021 and shit like that. THEN I saw this one video that was like I bet you forgot about what shows come out in 2021. I was watching it and I saw that outer banks season 2 comes out. It brought back all these memories about her. She got me into that show we talked about it all the time.

I know all the shitty things that happened but there was some…

Dear The Only Person I Trust, I found you last year you were in the group that the whole school was scared of. That the wrong look could mess up your reputation. I didn’t care about mine. I did whatever I thought was right and wouldn’t mess up my future. Your group would skip class,smoke we3d,and talked back to the teachers and didn’t care what would happened.

To everyone else I was the teachers pet. I did my work,got good grades, never talked back,always went to my classes. That’s funny being the teachers pet means not getting in trouble and…

Just Someone

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